Geminii: Reversible Kits

Price £45.00 a set.

Includes reversible shirt & shorts, with unlimited designs on either side & unlimited badges, logos, sleeve logos, numbers, web addresses, charities, twitter addresses whatever you want to add on shirt & shorts. Socks are included but are not reversible

Experience the revolution in Kit design!

The Geminii Reversible Kits have been engineered to be extra-lightweight, extra-breathable and extra-durable.

We can use our sublimated processes to achieve truly unique designs on each side. Even use our advanced non-stick, non-rub ‘fabric-feel’ print to get your logo, sponsors, club badges, numbers & names optionally printed onto each shirt!

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Macca Size Chart

NOTE: colours may vary from various screen images to finished product

Caring for your kit

Maccasports is highly committed to ensuring the very highest standards are met when manufacturing quality sportswear. We ensure our kits are not only technologically advanced but resilient and durable.

We have included here some advisory notes to help you to preserve the longevity and quality of your sportswear.

  • All garments may be subject to some discolouring as of general wear and only partially washed off mud and grass.
  • Follow garment care labels to minimise any colour loss or change.
  • Try to avoid leaving kit bundled together and scrunched up when damp.
  • Do not overfill washing machines as dirt can re-deposit, potentially causing discolouration.
  • After use, soak in warm water with appropriate (non-chlorine bleach based) detergent for approximately 2 hours prior to washing in the machine. This will help in the removal of stains and reduce the chance of colour loss.
  • Maccasports will not accept liability for any discolouration derived from foreign elements other than those used in the manufacturing of the material.
  • Washing above 40 degrees or tumble drying garments/applications will seriously damage the products. Maccasports will accept no liability should damage occur as a result.
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